Delhi Book Lovers

Somebody smart once said that if you put two realists in a room full of philosophers, they’ll find each other. The Delhi Book Lovers tell us that it is true for people who read as well. Founded in March 2012 by book enthusiasts Kunal Gupta and Leher Sethi, DBL currently boasts of 1300 members (and counting). “The main objective of DBL is to give its members the freedom to express their views about varied literature”, Leher tells us, “We, as a group, aim to reach every person who believes Continue reading >

When two authors meet – Parinda Joshi

There’s a certain charm associated with meeting frien-gers – strangers who give the illusion of being friends. Strangers because you’ve never met them personally. Friends because you’ve read about them and read them. And you realize you’ve been so privy to this person’s innermost thoughts, known them so intimately that meeting in person is just akin to starting in the middle of a conversation. No introductions, no ice-breakers. Just an immediate connection that transcends the norms Continue reading >

Book review – Never say never – Anjali Kirpalani

For a bookworm there’s no better joy than getting a novel with a personal note from the author. Written by charming Anjali Kirpalani, Never Say Never is like a fresh breeze of Monsoon in Mumbai. Never Say Never, is the story of Nikita, an unemployed twenty-five year old based in Mumbai who doesn’t know what to do with her life. To make matters worse, Nikita is in love with her best friend’s boy friend. Though Nikita has a boyfriend, she does not like him anymore. On the night of her Continue reading >

How to sketch Antagonist – Satyarth Nayak

We all love what is good but are fascinated with evil. The dark, the forbidden, the twisted is always attractive like the forbidden fruit. No wonder then that villains have continued to bewitch readers down the ages with their evil minds and actions. But how exactly do you create that perfect antagonist that keeps chilling our bones long after the book is laid to rest? Equal Footing The greatest trick to make sure your antagonist approaches greatness is by making him as huge as your beloved Continue reading >

Anuradha Goyal – from book reviewer to author

If you’re an author or you dream of becoming one, then the benefits of book reviews are enormous for you. Reflecting on what you liked or not liked in a book, gives you an insight into what constitutes quality of a good book. It forces you to look at the word-building, writing style, characters, plot, matter and more, which a mere reading cannot compensate for. The more you understand your psychology as a reader, the better plots you’ll be able to create for your own book. It is safe to say Continue reading >